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Westlake Resto - Food And Restaurant at Yogyakarta

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Ever felt the edge of the lake or enjoy water play like when we were kids? Now in Yogyakatra had attended a nuanced nature resto. Although the form of the artificial lake, but worked very well with the concept of presenting the actual natural atmosphere then this place would be very nice.

The Westlake Resto located at Jalan West Ringroad, Bedog, Trihango, Sleman with a beautiful natural setting combined with the sound of water flowing and there is a lake created by a depth of 3 meters with an area of ​​approximately 1 hectare and the total area of ​​the Westlake area Resto this area of ​​3.5 hectares. Sources of water taken from the lake to irrigate from the river Bedog.

Some gazebo stood sidelines lake breeze will feel cool when we were in it and the rush of water will add to the atmosphere very exciting. And each table lit a candle, it will make the atmosphere becomes more romantic meal. Moreover, the place is far away from the noise of the motor vehicle so that you will feel comfort.

Some of the game like a duck water are also provided in this place, that place would be very suitable for the whole family. Wide variety of cuisine offered by The Westlake Resto makes your appetite will increase and the price offered is not too expensive. Besides cooking mainstay dishes like fresh water fish dishes, a variety of processed carp,, sea food and also do not miss the popular food dishes featured archipelago.

Existing facilities and can be enjoyed such as jogging area, 32 gazebo, chairs gazebo, gazebo sitting on the floor, Free Hots Spot, mosque, parking area, playing water in small pool, 4 meeting rooms, outdoor stage, and that is not less interesting here you can feel the meal above gethek (a kind of boat are made ​​by assembling several bamboo), or eat in the middle of the lake.

How to get there ? 
* by taxi 
* motorcycle or car 

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Mapping :
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